Current Aim

To gain confirmation from each UK based medical school that they will commit to increasing nutrition and lifestyle education within their medical school curricula as soon as possible or by the end of 2019.

Who We Are

Nutritank is an information and innovation hub for food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Empowering young people and communities to make a change. 

Founded by two current medical students, our focus is medical education.

Through Nutritank’s university society branches “Nutritanksoc’s”, we aim to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine training within medical education.

Originating at Bristol Medical School, Nutritank has achieved a growing momentum across the UK, from the development of these Nutritank society branches at over 20 medical schools, to online and social media engagement and the curation of key projects on a local and national scale.

Nutritank’s think tank is a member of an inter-professional working group tasked by the General Medical Council (GMC) to ensure more nutrition education is integrated within UK undergraduate medical school curricula.

Through Nutritank’s online community hubs and toolbox it aims to further promote the message of nutrition in medical lifestyle education not only to healthcare professionals and students, but also interested members of the public. This is vital, as lifestyle medicine really does depend on the engagement and empowerment of patients.

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Nutritank is proud to be a member of the NNEdPro global knowledge network

Nutritank Co-Founders

Iain Broadley
Ally Jaffee

Nutritank's Affiliate Team

Alan Flanagan
Liam Donnelly
Dr Jack Guthrie
Dr Jessicarr Moorehouse
Dr Joshua Wolrich
Dr Aiesha Alexander
Dr Dominic Crocombe
Dr Lulu Little

“With the increasing burden of chronic lifestyle-related disease in the UK, it is vital that our future doctors be well trained in evidence-based Nutrition and Lifestyle measures and interventions. Such preventive medicine should begin at birth, with medical professionals emphasising healthy living messages at every stage of life, and empowering patients and their families to maintain positive lifestyle changes. I wholly support Nutritank in making it their goal to give all medical students a firm foundation in these principles."

Dr Venita Patel

Community Paediatrician & Nutrition Specialist

Some of our Work

Our Mission

Empowering young people and communities to make a change.

Our Vision

To be social pioneers in uniting individuals to work together, so opportunity can be created and ideas shared in the hope of innovating community health and well-being.

Our Values


Making Headlines

We Learn Nothing About Nutrition

Medical students say they currently learn almost nothing about the way diet and lifestyle affect health - and they should be taught more.

Doctor's Orders

Getting Tomorrow's Medics Cooking
The Food Programme. Meet the doctors and medical students who want more training on diet and nutrition. Presented by Sheila Dillon.

The Food & Medicine Debate

Sheila Dillon and a group of food, diet and medical experts continue the discussion on how the medical profession can focus more on food as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Prospective Partners
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