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Connecting a host of like minded people who believe that food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine can be used to benefit not only themselves but also their patients, their community and wider society. Our aim is for these communities to use grassroots methods of collaboration and to innovate community health and wellbeing.
  • Are you a medical doctor, dietitian, registered nutritionist, nurse or any other healthcare professional wanting to connect with others in the lifestyle medicine movement?
  • Do you have a project related to food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine? Join our Facebook communities to share your ideas and progress with others. 
  • Medical student? Join your local medical school Nutritanksoc. These act as a community hub to raise awareness around the nutrition and lifestyle medicine within medical students training.


This is a shared vision. We want to connect like minded people together


Individuals and organisations which find ways to collaborate with each other will be stronger in their mission


Share ideas and resources with other individuals or organisations


Find ways to grow your healthcare projects by finding volunteers

Our Communities

Medical Doctors
All Healthcare Professionals

Nutritanksoc UK


Each Nutritank branch “Nutritanksoc” is integral to the process of change within UK medical education. These societies act as a community hub to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine, for medical and other university students, and in the local community.


Nutritank university society branches “Nutritanksocs”, aim to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine training within medical education.


Originating at Bristol Medical School, Nutritank has achieved a growing momentum across the UK, from the development of these Nutritank society branches at over 20 medical schools, to online and social media engagement and the curation of key projects on a local and national scale.
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